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Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association

Commodore: Steve Kuhar
Vice Commodore: Neil Gordon
Rear Commodore: Madison Lindsey
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Joe DeAlteris
Membership Chairperson: Bly Hartle

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General Events

2004 Cape Dory Calendar photo contest:

Cape Dorians uploaded over 100 photo to our contest "Favorites" photo ablum at The deadline for submitting photos was December 18, 2003. CD Board visitors were then given the opportunity to vote for their favorite photos. And the top three winning photos are::

1st Place: David VanDenburgh
08-CD36 Ariel - Lake Michigan at sunrise
2nd Place: Andrew Breece
43-CD27 Angelina - Holbrook Island, ME
3rd Place: Nick Price
11-Typhoon Pattie B - New Meadows River, ME
Each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners was awarded a CDSOA hat.

Message from the Contest Organizer:

Congratulations to the owners and photographers of the photos mentioned below. They all appear in the electronic versions (Microsoft Word and PDF) of the 2004 Cape Dory Calendar which is now available for download from our "Chandlery" page. For the PDF version, just click on the calender thumbnail to the right.

I tried to use as many photos as possible which means that in addition to the main calendar photos, I've included insets where there was room.

The main photos are 150 dpi and print well even in black & white. The insets are 72 dpi and appear a bit blurry, especially if you elect to use the PDF version rather than the Microsoft Word versions. I used the lower resolution on the insets in an attempt to keep the sizes of these files to a minimum but you'll see that they are still rather large.

The three photos receiving the most votes and their place in the calendar are:

1st Place = David VanDenburgh:  08-CD36 Ariel - Lake Michigan at sunrise (February)
2nd Place = Andrew Breece:  43-CD27 Angelina - Holbrook Island, ME (May)
3rd Place = 3rd Place: Nick Price:  11-Typhoon Pattie B - New Meadows River, ME (April)

The rest, in the order they appear in the calendar:

10-CD30s Wings and Sheila - Morro Bay, CA (January)
102-CD32 Loonsong - Hudson River, 15 kts, Gray Day in October (March)
25-CD25 MaryEllen beating back home, Long Island Sound (June)
07-CD27 Sine Qua Non - Charles Island, Milford, CT (July)
42-CD30MKII Macht Nichts - Buzzards Bay, MA (August -1)
52-CD10 - Rome, NY (August -2)
19-Fog-Robinhood, ME (September)
05-CD25D Karma - blue water sailing off NC Coast (October)
40-CD28 Ladybug - Raritan Bay, NY (November)
44-CD33 Te Papa - Penobscot Bay, ME (December)
87-CD30MKII Adamarie - Fisher's Island Sound, CT/RI (January 2005-1)
88-CD31 Mary Alice off Point Judith, RI (January 2005-2)

And the insets:

103-CD40 Mintaka - Chesapeake Bay off Annapolis, MD (Inset-January)
29-CD30 Sunshine in the bight at Culebrita, P.R. (Inset-February)
49-CD28 Flybridge Brandywine - Chesapeake Bay, MD (Inset-March)
01-CD31 Mystical - returning from Cape Lookout, NC (Inset-April)
16-CD30 Lightfoot motoring through Cape Cod Canal (Inset-May)
09-CD36 Ariel - beating in 25knts on Lake Michigan (Inset-May)
71-CD27 Angelina at Holbrook Island, ME (Inset-June)
58-CD33-EveningLight - Riggs Cove, Robinhood, ME (Inset-July)
68-Typhoon Regalo - Great South Bay, NY (Inset-August)
84-CD30 Panacea - Red Brook Harbor, MA (Inset-September)
93-CD26 Wings of the Morning - Gulf of Mexico, LA(Inset-October)
99-CD30K Blue Moon - Careened on Stono River, SC (Inset-October)
38-CD25 FairWind - port tacking at race (Inset-November)
61-CD25 Aja - Buzzards Bay, MA (Inset-December)
57-CD28-Minx - Fishers Island Sound, RI (Inset-January 2005)

By the way, there were a few reasons why I chose 1) I already have an account with them and have been satisfied with their products and services in the past; 2) they'll host online albums for free as long as you remain an active customer, which means that you order something every once in awhile; and, 3) they had a pretty good selection of "photo gifts" which could be ordered online and the photos from an online album could also be selected to appear on any of those gifts.

A 12-photo calendar was one of the options and I was going to give people the opportunity to order their own calendars which would allow them to select any of the photos from the online album. Has anybody noticed that I mentioned the online photo gifts option in the past tense? Well all of the online photo gifts have been removed from the selection menu. I've contacted PhotoWorks about it and they've indicated that they are having technical difficulties with the online ordering of the photo gifts so they are now unavailable. They couldn't tell me when they expected to have that feature back online. When it is, I'll let you know. Hopefully it will not be too far down the road. One good thing, at least, is that if you order a calendar, it can start with any month you choose. So stay tuned.

CD32 Realization, #3
Rahway, NJ
Raritan Bay

30 January 2004

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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