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Cape Dory Rendezvous 2003:
Oriental to Ocracoke Cruise
Friday, May 23

Current as of: 11 April 2003


Oriental Itinerary:

Fri, 5/23: 0700

Depart Oriental #1

Oriental Points of Interest!

The fleet will be monitoring CH 16 and CH 72 for hailing and general conversation, respectively.


Rendezvous off Broad Creek with "Aimless" and crowd.


Arrive Silver Lake, Ocracoke

Ocracoke Points of Interest!


Cocktails in the Harbor, followed by Pirate Luck dinner.

Dinner theme to be "Scallywaggs of The Neuse". (For pirate food, see Punks'n Pirates!)


Cap'n Ostendorff provides the following Way Point List:


Whortonsville, NC to Ocracoke, NC

Caution: All points have not been verified electronically. A GPS receiver is also no substitute for good piloting procedures. Insure that you have studied the intended route and are confident about the routing of your vessel and your navigational planning. Please direct any and all questions about the following table to Lou at or call 919-676-7437.

All captains are responsible for navigation and the safety of their vessels and crews at all times.



LAT LON Description Next WP
    A       2.2 NM
    B 35*04.4' 76*33.0' Intermediate Pt. (IP) 2.4
    C 35*05.4' 76*31.0' IP 1.8
    D 35*06.7' 76*28.7' Bouy 'NR' 4.7
    E 35*07.3' 76*24.0' IP 4
    F 35*07.8' 76*20.0' IP 2.8
    G 35*08.0' 76*17.2' Near Bouy 'BI' 3.3
    H 35*08.7' 76*14.0' IP 4.1
    I 35*09.5' 76*10.0' Near Bouy '5RS' (G) 3.2
    J 35*10.5' 76*06.9' Near Bouy '3' (G) 2.3
    K 35*09.5' 76*04.8' Near Bouy '1' (G) 2.5
    L 35*08.5' 76*02.5' Near Bouy '9' (G) 2.5
    M 35*07.6' 76*00.2' Near Bouy '2' (R) 0.8
    N 35*07.0' 75*59.7' Near Bouy '3' (G) 0.5
    O 35*06.5' 75*59.5 Near Bouy '2' (G) 0.4
    P 35*06.9' 75*59.4' Near Bouy '7' (G) Ent. To Silver Lake
Total Distance :
37.5 NM

Points of Interest:


Area map -- courtesy of the North Carolina Department of Transportation's online North Carolina Coastal Boating Guide



Forget something? Find it at one of Ocracoke's local markets (Information courtesy of "Ocracoke Island Web Site").

Pirate Food, see Punks'n Pirates!


Cape Dory owners are invited to join the flotilla anywhere along the route. Sail with us the whole way or just for a couple of days -- whatever suits your schedule.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Cruise Captain John Nuttall, 919-266-7031, e-mail at

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding this event.

Print a copy of the itinerary (PDF, 157KB).

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Carolinas Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
  For information on becoming part of the Carolinas Fleet see the "Fleet Information." 

This page was last revised: 9 September 2003

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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