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The CDSOA is a national association of independent regional fleets whose members are owners of Cape Dory, Intrepid and Robinhood sailboats, all built by Cape Dory Yachts. We have members all over the United States from Washington State to Florida, California to Maine and beyond our borders. We are always looking for new Cape Dory owners to join us. We offer a strong national alliance of Cape Dory-built sailboats and have a system in place to charter local area fleets. There are three levels of membership: Voting, Associate and Honorary. Though the emphasis of the organization is on Cape Dory sailboats, we welcome Cape Dory and Robinhood powerboat owners to join as Associate members and to participate in all of our activities.

Mission Statement!

The purpose of the association is to advance the sport of yachting and the individual and family enjoyment thereof; to promote the educational and technical interests of the membership and to enhance the social enjoyment and good fellowship among the owners of Cape Dory-built sailboats.

How do Cape Dory owners benefit?

As a CDSOA member you'll belong to a large network of Cape Dory owners who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences concerning their boats and boating, you'll make new friendships that may last a lifetime, and you'll get a chance to meet with other owners and sail on boats that you may aspire to one day own.

We have a very active message board, the Cape Dory Board, where all boat owners are welcome to submit their questions, comments and resolutions regarding our boats. Although CDSOA membership is not a requirement to take advantage of our web site and the Cape Dory Board, please keep in mind that it is paid for by membership dollars, so why not join? There is also a very active facebook group called "Cape Dory Fans" (not a CDSOA resource) if you prefer to use social media.

The CDSOA organizes meetings and events, both on and off the water, in each of our regions. And on this web site you'll find information regarding upcoming general and area fleet events, details and contact information regarding our regional fleets, as well as news regarding the CDSOA and its officers.

We also offer a catalog of custom CDSOA items including burgees, hats, T-shirts, monogrammed polo shirts, towels, etc. Contact Sandy Davis regarding Chandlery items or visit our online store.

How do I join or renew my CDSOA membership?

To join the CDSOA or renew your membership :

On or about Jan. 1, 2023 we will be moving to an online membership registration and management system provided by a new “master” CDSOA web space currently under development at the web space provider - CLICK HERE for more information regarding the web changes to come.

If you are currently an active member of the Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association (CDSOA), as of 2022, you will be automatically renewed for 2023 - AT NO COST TO YOU.  New Members for 2023 will be able to sign up for $25 on or about Jan 1, 2023 using the new system.

If you can't wait until January, and who could blame you, this is a great group, print and fill out the membership/renewal form. CLICK HERE for the PDF version, or CLICK HERE for the Microsoft Word version, then mail the completed form, along with your check for $25.00 to a Fleet of your choice. A list of Fleets, and where to mail your form to, appears on page 2 of the form.

Dues are $25 for a calendar year membership which begins on January 1st and expires on December 31st of each year. For more information, contact one of the CDSOA Fleet Captains.

All CDSOA memberships expire on December 31st of each year, so don't wait to renew!


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Disclaimer: The CDSOA is a private voluntary social club. The CDSOA and this Web site are not associated with and do not represent Cape Dory Yachts, which is a division of Newport Shipyards Corp., nor any of the other businesses or individuals mentioned herein.



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