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CDSOA Carolinas Fleet
Memorial Day Weekend Cruise to Belhaven
Cape Dory Rendezvous 2004
May 28-31, 2004

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A message from Fleet Captain and Event Organizer Lou Ostendorff:

Ahoy Mates!

It’s time to start finalizing plans for our 4 day trip to Belhaven, NC. We have several things to talk about so I’m getting the proposed itinerary out for your review and suggestions. Chart No. 11548 is being used for routing, waypoints, etc. If you don’t have this chart, obtain one immediately. There are several obstacles to avoid during the trip and you will need one anyway if you decide to do any extended cruising in this area. We will be monitoring Channels 16 and 72 for hailing and general conversations, respectively. A brief summary of the planned activities is as follows:

Friday Evening, May 28 -- Cookout/Raft-up at Red Marker #4, Broad Creek in Whortonsville.
Approximate Location: 35°05’30” N, 076°36’30” W. (See Figure# 1.)

Click on chart thumbnail for details. Visit!
Figure 1. Broad Creek, Whortonsville
Not to be used for navigation.

Andy Denmark will lead a lively after dinner discussion on the history of Cape Dory Sales in NC, also his personal recollections of Andy Vavolotis, Harry Ulvila, Dave Perry, and Carl Alberg (key people of Cape Dory Yachts).

Saturday, May 29 -- Leave for Belhaven; time of departure and route is Captain’s Choice. There are two routes to our destination: the “sailing route” or the “Ditch”.

The ‘sailing route’ is longer and takes you out into the Pamlico Sound after passing bouy ‘NR’, marking the mouth of the Neuse River. A turn Westerly up the Pamlico River takes you to the Pungo River, and the Belhaven entrance channel.

I will suggest, however, that the most direct way is probably via the ICW, albeit slower and motoring a necessity most of the way, until entering the Pamlico River. As you maneuver into Bay River from our Friday overnight location to approach the entrance to the ICW, keep clear of the restricted area to starboard and North of your position. Upon entering the ‘Ditch’, insure that you remain in the approximate center of the channel. There are several obstacles before the cut section begins. It will take about 3 hours to negotiate this section before entering the Pamlico River. From there, follow the markers across the river, entering the Pungo River, and proceed North. You should be able to cross the Pamlico River and get to the Belhaven/Pantego Creek entrance channel within another 3 hours. Stay in the Belhaven channel all the way to Green marker #11. (See Figures# 2 and 3.) We will temporarily anchor near here. Depending on the desires of the group and slip availability, we may decide to enter one of the nearby marinas.

Click on chart thumbnail for details. Visit!
Figure 2. Pungo River and
Belhaven Channel (Pantego Creek)
Not to be used for navigation.

Click on chart thumbnail for details. Visit!
Figure 3. Belhaven Channel (Pantego Creek)
Not to be used for navigation.

Sunday, May 30 -- Explore Belhaven, eat ashore, etc. Belhaven or “Beautiful Harbor” as it is sometimes called, has had a colorful history, earlier being an important port for fishing and the timber industry. Lately, it has become a favorite stopover for those cruisers traversing the ICW, putting in for rest/relaxation or repairs. There are several boatyards and marinas catering to the recreational boating community, and lots of historical sights to visit, including the Belhaven Memorial Museum. Claibourne Young has done an excellent write-up of the town in his Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina. An excerpt can be reviewed at the following link: During our evening discussion, Lou Ostendorff will be giving expert testimony on how to bleed diesel engines, and some handouts to help explain his recent exploits and encounter with same!

Monday, May 31 -- More exploring and enjoying the Town of Belhaven. Time of departure and route are Captain’s Choice.

The Belhaven Waterfront
(Photo courtesy of the Beaufort County Economic Development Commission - Belhaven Marina Project)

As always, photographs will be taken during the festivities, and if you have any desire to become famous among your fellow Cape Dorians, you need to make a prominent appearance during this cruise. We will try to cruise/motor as a group if conditions are favorable; at a minimum, maintain radio contact with others. Let’s have a good turnout for this cruise, as it sets the stage for sailing enjoyment for the remainder of the year!

Suggestions and references to navigation contained herein are intended as a guide, and not to supersede the Captain’s ultimate responsibility for his vessel and crew. Plan your cruise carefully, and have the proper equipment (including foul weather gear), charts, and all necessary information before embarking on this cruise. If you need assistance or desire additional information please call the Cruise Captain Lou Ostendorff at 919-676-7437 or 919-906-2418 cell.

Lou Ostendorff
Fleet Captain
CD25D Karma
Sailing from Havelock, NC

Belhaven Information:

The Belhaven Marine Project:
Belhaven Chamber of Commerce:
The Town of Belhaven:
NC Coastal Guide:

Area Marinas:

Belhaven Waterway Marina: 252-944-0066
Cee Bee Marina: 252-964-4375
Dowry Creek Marina: 252-943-2728,
Pantego Creek Marina: 252-943-2556
River Forest Manor and Marina: 252-943-2151,
Robb's Boatyard and Marina: 252-943-2246


All owners of both Cape Dory power and sailboats are welcome to attend.

All captains are responsible for their own navigation and the safety of their vessels and crew.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Cruise Captain Lou Ostendorff, 919-676-7437 or at

Please check this page often as we will include more or revised information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Carolinas Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
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