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Cape Dory Rendezvous 2003:
Eastbound Rendezvous Flotilla to Bristol

Monday, July 28th

Current as of: 2 June 2003

Charles Island/
Milford, CT

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Charles Island Itinerary:




We will be meeting in the afternoon on Monday, July 28th and forming a raft-up, if possible, in the anchorage north of Charles Island in The Gulf, Milford, CT in 10-15' of water with a hard sand bottom - softer near shore. Mean tidal range is 6.6 feet.

Please monitor VHF Channel 16 and switch to 72 for fleet communications.

GC "1" at Charles Island is approximately 26.5 nm from our previous destination of Asharoken Beach on Northport Bay, approximately 5 nm NE of Stratford point and about 6.5 nm W of the channel entrance between the New Haven Harbor breakwaters.

Be careful of the shoals to the east and south of Charles Island between R"16" Bell Fl R 4s and GC "1".

CAUTION: At high tide you may see local boaters cutting across "The Bar" which connects Charles Island to Silver Sands State Park on the mainland. DO NOT CROSS THE BAR. Enter The Gulf between GC "1" (Charles Island) and RN "2' (Welches Point).

CD28 Carina, owned by Sam and Nancy Yorke, and Charles Island
-- Photo by Bruce Halley

About the Area:


Charles Island lies about .5 nm south of Silver Sands State Park beach. The island is accessible at low tide by walking across the tombolo beach which connects the mainland to the island. Folklore claims that Charles Island is the secret hiding place for Captain Kidd's treasure. Numerous studies have proven that to be false.

The island was originally called Poquahaug by the Paugusset Tribe that inhabited the area until the settlers began arriving around 1639.

According to local legend the fabled pirate Captain Kidd buried treasure on Charles Island, perhaps under a huge boulder called Hog Rock. So many have searched the island for pirate booty that its surface had been turned into a pitted wasteland. Even today treasure hunters continue to dig, paying no heed to the well-known story of the two treasure hunters who once uncovered an ironclad chest on the island, only to abandon it in terror when they saw a shrilly whistling, headless body, wrapped in a flaming sheet, plunge toward them from the heavens as they lifted the box from its hiding place. Feeling the next day that they must have been out in the sun too long, the treasure-seekers returned to the site of the discovery, only to find no sign of the chest, the burial hole or the shovels they had abandoned in their flight. Some legends maintain that the spirits of Paugasset Indians, who once used Charles Island as a summer resort, beheaded the pirates for desecrating their land and made invisible any treasure buried there.

A religious retreat occupied the island until 1938 when it was swept away by a hurricane. You may explore the ruins but remember "if you carry it in, you must carry it out". Be aware that several species of birds nest here and should not be disturbed.


Points of Interest:


Things to do and places to go:

  • If you want to venture into Milford, just follow the channel into Milford Harbor on the Wepawaug River. Yacht clubs and marinas line the river's western shore. You can travel to the head of navigation at Milford Landing Marina (203)874-1610. This is a great place to stop for ice cream and explore town. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the marina too.
  • Gulf Beach -- Located east of Charles Island and north of Welches Ponit at the end of Gulf Street. This beach has a food stand, fishing pier and an observation deck. The wind is perfect for kite flying.
  • Silver Sands State Park -- North of Charles Island and connected to it by The Bar, it has its entrance on Meadowside Road. This beach features a beautiful boardwalk. Charles Island is rumored to have the treasure of Captain Kidd buried on it. Keep your eye on the tide when you travel to the island or you could end up like Robinson Crusoe.
  • Walnut Beach -- Is located west of Charles Island and just off Naugatuck Avenue. It's considered the beach with best sand.

Where to eat:

We plan on eating onboard our own vessels. If you want to go to a restaurant, head into Milford Harbor up the Wepawaug River. Yacht clubs and marinas line the river's western shore. You can travel to the head of navigation at Milford Landing Marina (203)874-1610. This is a great place to stop for ice cream and explore town. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the marina too. Restaurants in Milford:

  • Amberjacks A River Grill, 35 New Haven Avenue. Phone: 203-882-9387
  • Seven Seas Restaurant, Inc., 16 New Haven Avenue. Phone: 203-877-7327
  • Cafe Atlantique, 33 River Street. Phone: 203-882-1602
  • Citrus, 56 Broad Street. Phone: 203-877-1138
  • Peter Pan Pizza, 12 Broad Street. Phone: 203-878-9224
  • Rainbow Gardens, 117 Broad Street. Phone: 203-878-2500
  • Remy's Ristorante & Lounge, 765 Boston Post Road. Phone: 203-783-3906
  • Stonebridge Restaurant, 50 Daniel Street. Phone: 203-874-7947
  Web Site Info:

The City of Milford

The Milford Chamber of Commerce

Tide Table for Milford Harbor (courtesy of


Cape Dory owners are invited to join the flotilla anywhere along the route. Sail with us the whole way or just for a couple of days -- whatever suits your schedule.

Register Now!
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Please mail your registration by July 1st.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Fleet Captain Michael Heintz, 203-838-7599 or at or Catherine Monaghan, 732-381-3549 or at

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Northeast Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
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