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Cape Dory Rendezvous 2003:
Eastbound Rendezvous Flotilla to Bristol

Thursday, July 31st

Current as of: 2 June 2003

Dodson Boatyard/
Stonington, CT

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Stonington Itinerary:




We will be meeting in the afternoon on Thursday, July 31st at Dodson Boatyard (860-535-1507 ext. 117, VHF Channels 78), Stonington, CT. Moorings are $42.40 per boat per night (there may be a need for two boats per mooring, $42.40 per boat applies).

Please contact the marina and make your reservation for a mooring as soon as possible. Tell them you are with the "CDSOA group".

Mean tidal range is 2.7 feet.

Use NOAA charts 13214 and 13205.

Please monitor VHF Channel 16 and switch to 72 for fleet communications.

Stonington Point is 3.4 nm NW of our previous destination of Napatree Beach/Watch Hill, 3.8 nm E of Morgan Point in Noank and 5.6 nm NE of West Harbor on Fishers Island.

Dodson's is a full service facility with both slips and moorings, laundromat (open 24 hours daily) with book lending, ice, water, fuel, restrooms with showers, marine store, repairs and maintenance, and a pumpout boat. Launch service is available daily from 8 am until 10 pm.

We are planning a group dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the BOOM Restaurant (860-535-1381) at Dodson's -- $31.50 per person including tax and gratuity. Please take a look at the menu and indicate your selections on the registration form.

Dodson Boatyard. Note BOOM Restaurant to the right. Photo courtesy of Yves Feder.

Driving Directions

BOOM at Dodson Boatyard
194 Water St
Stonington, CT
Phone: (860) 535-2588

Take exit 91. At bottom of the ramp turn right. Take your third left onto North Main Street. Follow that road through a stoplight and to a stop sign. At the stop sign turn left onto Trumbull. At the next stop sign turn right and go over the bridge. At the base of the bridge take a sharp right into Dodson Boatyard. (You will see Dodson's as you go over the bridge.)

Take exit 91. At the bottom of the ramp turn left. Take your fourth left onto North Main Street. Follow that road through a stoplight and to a stop sign. At the stop sign turn left onto Trumbull. At the next stop sign turn right and go over the bridge. At the base of the bridge take a sharp right into Dodson Boatyard. (You will see Dodson's
as you go over the bridge.)


About the Area:


Stonington is Connecticut's oldest borough. It was settled by homesteaders from the Plymouth Colony.

In 1775 Stonington's local militia successfully warded off an attack by the British 20-gun frigate HMS Rose commanded by Captain Sir James Wallace. Wallace had been ordered to patrol the coast, harrass shipping and secure supplies for the British army. When the folks on Block Island learned of this, they moved their livestock to Stonington. The British found out about this and sailed to Stonington and demanded their cattle. When they tried to forcibly remove the cattle, the locals fired on them and the Rose responded with cannonfire. But the people of Stonington prevailed, with no loss of life, and the Rose sailed off emptyhanded.

In 1814 the town of Stonington found itself once again facing the cannons of enemy ships -- five this time. Captain Thomas Masterman Hardy issued an ultimatum giving the townspeople one hour to leave, they didn't, and Hardy ordered his ships to commence firing on the town. The inhabitants of Stonington responded with three cannons. After three days' bombardment, Hardy had blasted the town with 60 tons of shot, knocked down a few chimneys, blasted holes in a few walls and caused only one fatality. Hardy lost one landing barge, 21 men, and another 50 were seriously injured.

During the 19th century the town saw prosperity in the form of shipbuilding, sealing and whaling. Large mansions, such as the Nathaniel Palmer House, were built with the monies made from shipbuilding, especially steamboats, and later from the railroads.

Today the town is filled with interesting architecture, from colonial fishermen's homes to Federal-style mansions and Victorians.


Points of Interest:


Things to do and places to go:

Where to eat:

We are planning a group dinner on July 31st at 6:30 p.m. at the BOOM Restaurant (on the premises at Dodson Boatyard) -- $31.50 (includes tax and gratuity). Be sure to take a look at the menu and indicate your selection on the registration form.

Other area restaurants include:

  • Noah's Restaurant, 113 Water Street. Phone: 860-535-3925
  • Skipper's Dock, 66 Water Street. Phone: 860-535-2000 or 860-535-0111
  • Water Street Cafe, 142 Water St. Phone: 860-535-2122
  • Festivals Family Restaurant, 163 S Broad St. Phone: 860-599-0880
  • Hong Kong Restaurant, 163 S Broad. Phone: 860-599-5787
  • One South Cafe, 201 N Main St. Phone: 860-535-0418
  • Sea Swirl Seafood Restaurant, 30 Williams St. Phone: 860-536-3452
  Web Site Info:

Borough of Stonington

Town of Stonington

Tide Table for Stonington, Fishers Island Sound (courtesy of


Cape Dory owners are invited to join the flotilla anywhere along the route. Sail with us the whole way or just for a couple of days -- whatever suits your schedule.

Register Now!
Please download and print one of the following registration forms.:
Microsoft Word (42 KB) or PDF (15 KB)

Please mail your registration by July 1st.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Fleet Captain Michael Heintz, 203-838-7599 or at or Catherine Monaghan, 732-381-3549 or at

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Northeast Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
  For information on becoming part of the NE Fleet see the "Fleet Information." 

This page was last revised: 9 September 2003

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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