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Cape Dory Rendezvous 2003:
Westbound Rendezvous Flotilla to Bristol

Thursday, July 31st

Current as of: 2 June 2003

Third Beach/
Middletown, RI

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Third Beach Itinerary:




We will be meeting in the afternoon on Thursday, July 31st and, if conditions allow, forming a raft-up in the bight off Third Beach, Middletown, RI on the Sakonnet River. This area is indicated on the chart facsimile above.

If we cannot raft-up, please try to anchor in the same general area. The largest vessel will become the "host" vessel and and crews should congregate onboard that vessel. Please bring snacks and beverages with you to share with the other crews.

GC"3" off Flint Point, near the entrance to Third Beach is approximately 15 nm WNW of our previous destination of Cuttyhunk Harbor, 12.5 nm ESE of Dutch Harbor, and 14.6 nm S of Bristol.

Mean tidal range is 3.1 feet.

Please monitor VHF Channel 16 and switch to 72 for fleet communications.


Third Beach offers a nice, protected, sandy beach and is ideal for swimming and boating. This is also a popular windsurfing spot. There is a concrete boat ramp and areas marked off for swimming, boating, and anchoring. Once ashore you're an easy walk from Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge and the Norman Bird Sanctuary. Don't forget your swim suit or you binoculars! The refuge provides bird walks, shoreline walks, and discussions of local points of interest. Both parks are open to the public from dawn to dusk.


About the Area:


Middletown, in Newport County, is located in lower Narragansett Bay about twenty-five miles southeast of Providence And about one mile from downtown Newport and occupies the middle section of Aquidneck Island. The town's 14.7 square-mile area lies between Portsmouth to the north and Newport to the southwest. Rhode Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, and the Sakonnet River bound the community on the south, west, and east, respectively.

Aquidneck Island is one of the earliest colonial settlement sites in Rhode Island. The first European to make contact with Indians in the Narragansett Bay region was Giovanni da Verrazano, in 1524. By 1614 Dutch traders were conducting an active business with the Indians in the area. When Roger Williams arrived in 1636, Canonicus and Miantonomi were the sachems of the Narragansetts. Portsmouth was founded in 1638 and Newport in 1639. Middletown was part of Newport until it was set off in 1731.

In 1638, through the intercession of Roger Williams, Aquidneck Island was deeded by the Narragansett sachems Canonicus and Miantonomi to John Clarke, William Coddington, Nicholas Easton, and several others from the Massachusetts colony who established a settlement called Pocasset (later Portsmouth) at the northern end of the island. In 1639 a group led by Coddington, Clarke, and Easton left Portsmouth and started a new settlement at the southern end of Aquidneck. The island was divided along the present boundary between Middletown and Portsmouth. What later became Middletown was included within the jurisdiction of Newport and since that time the history of Middletown has been closely associated with that of Newport.

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Middletown Rhode Island

Tide Table for Narragansett Bay, Sakonnet (courtesy of


Cape Dory owners are invited to join the flotilla anywhere along the route. Sail with us the whole way or just for a couple of days -- whatever suits your schedule.

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Please mail your registration by July 1st.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Diana Paquette, 508-728-2958 or at or Michael Heintz, 203-838-7599 or at

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Northeast Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
  For information on becoming part of the NE Fleet see the "Fleet Information." 

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