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Fairfield Beach Float-in
July 24-25, 2004

At the Cottage of Dick and Ann Barthel
815 Fairfield Beach Road
Fairfield, CT

Cape Dorys, the Beach and a Barbecue

Please register by July 10th!

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Event Information:

The Fairfield Float-in is being hosted by Ann and Dick Barthel. It is set for Saturday and Sunday, July 24th and 25th at 815 Fairfield Beach Road, Fairfield, CT. The spirit of the weekend is informality – just being beach bums in the company of fellow fleet members. Kids are welcome. Just come, relax and enjoy a weekend at the beach together. The one bit of structure we are thinking about is a barbeque for Saturday afternoon or evening. [NOTE: The fee to cover the cost of food and supplies for the barbecue is $12.00 per person for CDSOA members; $15.00 per person for non-members.]

Shopping is close by and there is a laundry, deli, and package store within easy walking distance.

Please monitor VHF Ch. 16 and 68 for fleet communications.

The Barthel’s cottage is at the base of Penfield Reef almost directly across from Port Jefferson on Long Island. You can take beach walks of more than a mile in either direction. At low tide, you can walk out on the reef for almost a mile. The reef is a favorite spot for fisherman. The cottage has a wraparound porch with plenty of chairs to get out of the sun [see Figure #1]. There is also an enclosed outside shower which is one of the world’s best.

[Figure #1 – The Barthel’s cottage]

click on thumbnail for enlargement

At dead low the sandbars are exposed to the west of the reef allowing for enjoyable walks, wading and whiffle ball games. To the east, the sand bars extend just past the stone jetties and then fairly deep water remains for nice anchorages.

The anchorage area is just to the east of the reef. [See Figure #2 – the picture was taken from the front of the cottage looking out towards Penfield Reef Light. The anchorage area is to the left (See Figure #3).]

[Figure #2]

click on thumbnail for enlargement

The bottom is sand. Hopefully, our Cape Dory 25D, Dream Weaver, will be anchored to mark the best spot. I will determine an exact waypoint for the ideal anchorage spot as soon as the weather warms up a bit. There are usually a few sailboats at permanent moorings every summer. The trick is to see the sandbar line at dead low.

[ Figure #3 -- Use NOAA Chart# 12364]

click on thumbnail for enlargement

You can come by car as well. The cottage is just a couple of miles from Route 95. There is limited parking at the cottage (6) but there is a town park about ¼ mile away with a nice parking lot. You would leave your car there and be picked up and dropped off. (See the Driving Directions at the end of this document.)

This will be our first Northeast Fleet event (not counting winter meetings) so we would appreciate any advice or suggestions you might have. Our home number is 860-627-0840. My email is We would like to know ahead of time who is coming so we can make individual arrangements for food, special needs, etc., so please print, complete and mail in the registration form by July 10th.

If anyone wants to arrive on Friday, that’s fine too.

Should shelter become necessary, or if mooring would be preferred, there are marina’s in the Black Rock channel.

See you at the float-in,
Dick and Ann

Driving Directions:

MapQuest does an excellent job pinpointing the location of the cottage [See Figure #4 below]. And you can also view the location of the cottage using MapTech [See Figure #5 below].

[Figure #4]

click on thumbnail for enlargement

From New Haven on Rt. 95 heading south:

Exit 22, Rt. 135 North Benson Road. Take a left at the end of the exit. At the second light you are at US 1, Post Road. See combined directions below.

From NY on Rt. 95 heading north:

Exit 22, Round Hill Road. Follow the exit road behind MacDonald’s. At the stop sign cross Round Hill Road on to Walls Drive. At the end of Walls Drive, take a right onto N. Benson Road, under the railroad underpass and at the first light you are at US 1, Post Road. See combined directions below.

Combined directions from the light at US 1:

Cross US 1 and at the stop sign (1/10 mile) take a right onto Old Post Road. At the third stop sign (7/10 mile) take a left onto Reef Road. At the end of Reef Road (8/10 mile) at the stop sign take a right. Our drive is only about 100 feet from the stop sign. After taking a right, just past the parking lot on your left is an access drive (Lantern Point). The drive has a high hedge on its right side and a bunch of mailboxes at the end. Our parking lot is the first opening in the hedge (again about 75 feet). Our cottage is the one directly behind the garage.

The additional parking is in the town park about ½ mile down on Reef Road on your left (coming towards the cottage). It is indicated by the green square on the MapQuest diagram above.

[Figure #5]

click on thumbnail for enlargement

Cottage Phone Number: 860-259-1246
Waypoint: 041°07.680 N, 073°14.574 W


All owners of both Cape Dory power and sailboats, CDSOA members and non-members, are welcome to attend.

All captains are responsible for their own navigation and the safety of their vessels and crew.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Event Organizers Dick or Ann Barthel, phone 860-627-0840 or e-mail or Fleet Captain Catherine Monaghan, phone 732-381-3549 or e-mail

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Northeast Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
  For information on becoming part of the Northeast Fleet see the "Fleet Information." 

This page was last revised: 2 April 2004

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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