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CDSOA Maine Cruise
Cape Dorys and the Beautiful Islands of Penobscot Bay
August 16-21, 2004

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Monday, 8/16--Long Cove, Tenants Harbor

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Figure 1. Long Cove, Tenants Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Chart# 13302.

Plan on meeting in Long Cove at Tenants Harbor in the afternoon on Monday, August 16th where Liberty, Cruise Captain Stephen Files’ CD36, will be waiting for your arrival.

The entrance to Tenants Harbor is approximately 12.4 nm north-northeast of Monhegan Island and 16 nm west-southwest of Vinalhaven in Penobscot Bay. The anchorage is broad, shallow, tranquil and easily entered between RN “2” west of Northern Island and the ledge that juts out from the mainland. Stay close to the nun as you enter.

If conditions permit, let's form a raft-up. And once settled, we'll get together on one boat or the raft for snacks, cocktails and dinner. Bring one or two snack items to share with the rest of the group and the fixin's for your favorite beverage. Then it's potluck for dinner. No, we don't throw everything into one pot and whatever comes out is dinner (unless you want to). But whatever you bring it’s what we'll have.

Tuesday, 8/17--Perry Creek, Vinalhaven – 19.6 nm

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Figure 2. Perry Creek, Vinalhaven
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13302 and 13305.

It should be a leisurely sail from Tenants Harbor to Vinalhaven where we’ll pull into Perry Creek off Fox Islands Thorofare.

Perry Creek is a beautiful and well-protected anchorage guarded by the picturesque little Mouse Island off Hopkins Point. It’s also very popular, so we’re going to try to get there as early as we can.

A substantial unmarked ledge extends southward from Mouse Island for a distance about equal to the length of the island and there’s another ledge protruding northward from the south shore of Perry Creek so stay halfway between Mouse Island and the south shore when entering the creek.

Anchor just west of the cable area in 8 to 11 feet of water at low tide. Holding ground is good in mud. Mean tidal range is about 9.5 feet. There are also a number of private moorings which are usually available if you arrive early. Across the way, east of the ferry landing, J.O. Brown & Sons, Inc. (Ch. 16; 207-867-4621) has a number of inexpensive moorings. They also have gas, diesel, water and ice as well as a chandlery. And at North Haven (we passed it along the way in Fox Islands Thorofare) there is a small grocery store and showers.

Wednesday, 8/18--Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island – 19.4 nm

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Figure 3. Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13313.

From Perry Creek our next stop is another pretty and well-protected harbor -- Burnt Coat Harbor on the south shore of Swans Island. It is the quintessential down east working harbor, not to be missed.

You can anchor north of Hockamock Head Light on the western side of the harbor outside the mooring field in 17-25 feet at low in mud and seaweed, but the holding isn’t very good. Moorings are available from the Swans Island Boathouse (207-526-4207). Fuel is available at Fisherman’s Co-op and Kent’s Wharf (Ch. 68, 207-526-4186) if you need it and, of course, they’ve got lobsters as well. If you need fuel, make sure you get it before 1 p.m.

Thursday, 8/19--Little Cranberry Island – 19.7 nm

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Figure 4. Cranberry Harbor, Little Cranberry Island
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13318.

Our next destination is Cranberry Harbor, nestled between Great and Little Cranberry Islands, about 2 nm south of Mount Desert Island affording spectacular views of the mountains to the north.

The best protection is found in Hadlock Cove, the wide bight where the docks are located, on Little Cranberry Island. The Islesford Dock Restaurant (207-244-7494) has several guest moorings and the Little Cranberry Yacht Club has a couple available for rental as well (first-come, first-served) but there is plenty of room to anchor outside the mooring field in 14-23 feet at low in kelp. If the weather isn’t cooperating we’ll head for Northeast Harbor, on Mount Desert Island, instead.

There are public restrooms on Little Cranberry in the Blue Duck, an outbuilding at the head of the dock owned by the National Park Service. The Islesford Historic Museum, part of Acadia National Park, is in the Georgian brick and granite building close to the docks. And a short walk eastward on the main road will bring you to the Islesford Market (207-244-7667).

Friday, 8/20--Bucks Harbor, South Brooksville – 27.7 nm

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Figure 5. Bucks Harbor, South Brooksville
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13309.

Bucks is a great little harbor sitting on the north shore of the western end of Eggemoggin Reach.

NOTE: The markers in Eggemoggin Reach are ordered from east to west. When entering the reach from the east, keep cans to port and nuns to starboard.

The channel in Bucks leads you around Harbor Island. You can anchor on any side of the island but shoals extend about 250 yards off the northeast side of the island. Harbor Ledge is marked by GC “1”. Lem’s Cove also offers good protection.

There are moorings which can be reserved ahead of time available from Bucks Harbor Marine (Ch. 9 or 16, 207-326-8839) or the Bucks Harbor Yacht Club (207-326-9265).

There is a steel band which plays on occasion. Bucks Harbor Marine is great and features the best Key Lime Pie on the Maine coast. They also have fuel, water, ice and some marine supplies but they will charge you for water. The Bucks Harbor Market (207-326-8683) sits at the one and only intersection in South Brooksville. It has a lunch counter, pizza, groceries, baked goods, produce, cheese, wine and beer in case you’re running low on provisions.

Saturday, 8/21--Camden – 15.2 nm

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Figure 6. Camden
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13307.

Camden is the cruisers’ classic, a real jewel, filled with cruising yachts and weathered windjammers and the perfect place to end our cruise. We hope you enjoyed sailing with us.

We recommend that you make your reservations for a mooring in advance. Please contact Wayfarer Marine (Ch. 9/71, 207-236-4378) or Willey Wharf (207-236-3256). Wayfarer Marine is a major, full-service yard and fuel, water, ice and pump-out are available as well as launch service, showers, laundry facilities and a marine store. Willey’s can refill CNG and propane tanks, and provide water, ice and showers. If you need provisions, head for French and Braun (207-236-3361), located downtown, for meats, produce and baked goods.

Wayfarer Marine Tel: 207-236-4378
59 Sea Street Fax: 207-236-2371
PO Box 677  
Camden, ME 04843
Moorings: $30.00 per night
Float: $35.00 per night
Dockside (rafted): $3.00 per foot

If you’d rather drop the hook, anchorage in Camden Harbor is best on its westernmost side, between Eaton Point and Curtis Island north of GC “7” or in the outer part of Sherman Cove. The ground is soft and you’re well-protected. Hail the harbormaster (Ch. 9) for available moorings in busy Inner Cove.

There’s alot to see and do in Camden, so start out by visiting the Chamber of Commerce, in the little house at the public landing in the heart of town, or by taking a walk.

Click on chart thumbnail to see the entire route.
Figure 7. The Route


Entry Fee (per boat) if received before July 30th:

Non-CDSOA Members: $5.00

Late Entry Fee (per boat) if received after July 30th:

CDSOA Members: $5.00
Non-CDSOA Members: $10.00

Rendezvous T-shirts: $20.00 each available in adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


Register NOW by downloading either the Microsoft Word (70 KB) or PDF (70 KB) version of the Registration Form, printing and completing the form, and sending the completed form, along with your check, to the name and address indicated at the bottom of the form.

All owners of both Cape Dory power and sailboats, CDSOA members and non-members, are welcome to attend.

All captains are responsible for their own navigation and the safety of their vessels and crew.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Cruise Captain Stephen Files, 413-584-0033 or at or Fleet Captain Catherine Monaghan, 732-381-3549 or at

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Northeast Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
  For information on becoming part of the Northeast Fleet see the "Fleet Information." 

This page was last revised: 8 October 2004

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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