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CDSOA Maine Cruise
Cape Dorys & Scenic Casco Bay

August 14-18, 2006

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For anybody that'd like to sail along with Realization and her crew or just meet up in an anchorage or two before or during this year’s "Maine Cruise" here's our tentative itinerary:

Wed, Aug 9 -- Realization departs Cape Cod Bay for Robinhood, ME (off Sheepscot River)
Thu, Aug 10 -- Robinhood, ME
Fri, Aug 11 -- Robinhood, ME
Sat, Aug 12 -- Potts Harbor, ME
Sun, Aug 13 -- Potts Harbor, ME
Mon, Aug 14 -- Great Chebeague Island -- Maine Cruise
Tue, Aug 15 -- Snow Island (Quahog Bay) -- Maine Cruise
Wed, Aug 16 -- The Basin (New Meadows River) -- Maine Cruise
Thu, Aug 17 -- Jewell Island -- Maine Cruise
Fri, Aug 18 – Falmouth Foreside, ME (contact Handy Boat Services for mooring) -- Maine Cruise
Sat, Aug 19 -- Portland, ME
Sun, Aug 20 -- depart Portland for Provincetown, MA
Mon, Aug 21 -- Provincetown, MA

The current plan is for Bruce and I to depart from somewhere on Cape Cod Bay (probably Provincetown, MA) between August 7th and 9th. At any rate, we hope to be heading for the Sheepscot River and Robinhood, ME and will probably anchor in Robinhood Cove where we intend to spend a couple days before heading towards Casco Bay where our first stop will be Potts Harbor on Saturday, August 12th. We'll spend both Saturday and Sunday in Potts Harbor. If we're not anchored we'll be swinging on a Dolphin Marine Services mooring. I hear the clam chowder at the Chowderhouse Restaurant is wonderful if anyone would care to meet us there for dinner.

Fleet communications will be on VHF Ch. 16 and 68.
Please monitor these channels during the cruise.

Monday, 8/14—Great Chebeague Island

Monday, August 14th, we'll make the short hop over to Great Chebeague Island and anchor in the island's northwestern bight. This is where we'll officially kickoff the CDSOA Maine Cruise and spend the next few days harbor-hopping, getting to know each other, gathering on each others’ boats, sharing Cape Dory stories, enjoying a few potluck dinners, basking in the scenery, and generally having a good time.

The anchorage is on the island’s northwest side, opposite Littlejohn Island and is indicated in the chartlet in Figure 1 below. Anchor off the stone pier and the Chebeague Island Inn in about 12 feet MLW outside the moored boats or pick up one of the Inn’s moorings. If you want to go ashore, bring your dinghy to the east side of the ferry’s float.

Figure 1. Great Chebeague Island

If you’ll be approaching the anchorage from the south, find RN”18”, near Littlejohn Island, and leave it to starboard to avoid a large outcropping of rocks which extend northward from Great Chebeague. From there you’ll see the large, white Chebeague Island Inn.

High tide at Great Chebeague Island is the same as Portland. Mean tidal range is about 9.1 feet.

In the evening we'll all gather on one or two of the boats for cocktails. So bring one or two snack items to share with the rest of the group and the fixin's for your favorite beverage. Then it's potluck for dinner. No, we don't throw everything into one pot and whatever comes out is dinner (unless you want to). But whatever you bring it’s what we'll have.

Tuesday, 8/15—Snow Island – 16.5 nm

Our next stop is Quahog Bay and Snow Island. This may very well be the prettiest place we'll visit -- according to the description in the cruising guide anyway. We will be anchoring south and east of the island in about 16 feet MLW then we’ll get together with the other crews for another potluck dinner in the evening. The swimming is supposed to be good here if your brave enough to dive in.

We’ll be sailing up to the head of Quahog Bay where we’ll anchor to the south and east of Snow Island in about 16 feet MLW. The anchorage is indicated in the chartlet in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2. Snow Island/Quahog Bay

Use tide tables for Portland. Mean tidal range is about 9.1 feet.

Once everybody has settled in, we'll gather aboard one or two of the boats again for evening snacks, cocktails and another potluck.

Wednesday, 8/16—The Basin – 19 nm

From Quahog Bay we'll be heading eastward to the New Meadows River and "The Basin" about 7 nm north of Cape Small. Not only is this a beautiful harbor, it's also a hurricane hole. Supposedly, the Basin has the warmest water on the Maine coast for those who’d like to take a dip. And since it should be calm in here, don’t forget to pack the insect repellent. This evening we'll have another group potluck dinner but if you want some alone time, that's fine too.

Sailing up the New Meadows River, pass Cundy’s Harbor leaving GC”5”, which marks Sheep Island Ledge, to port. The entrance to the Basin is not marked, so keep a sharp lookout at your charts and along the eastern shore for an indentation. A house with a pointed chimney is just to the north of the entrance. Turn to starboard into the 150-foot wide channel and run straight down the middle. The channel narrows to about 75 feet wide and about 7 feet deep. Then make a wide turn to port and the Basin will open up.

Figure 3. The Basin/New Meadows River

Drop your anchor in the middle of the western part of the Basin in 14-20 feet MLW. The anchorage is indicated on the chartlet in Figure 3 above.

Use tide tables for Portland. Mean tidal range is about 9.1 feet.

Thursday, 8/17—Jewell Island – 18 nm

Our next stop is Jewell Island which lies on the outer fringes of Casco Bay and is another contender in the “prettiest spot we’ve visited” category. Its little harbor is located on the island’s northwest side between Jewell and Little Jewell Islands which are connected at low tide.

It’ll be a little tricky getting to Jewell Island from the New Meadows River, but I’m confident we’re good enough navigators and skippers for the task.

From Halfway Rock Light we’ll head for Cliff Island, half way between the northern tip of Jewell Island and West Brown Cow – be careful and stay clear of the ledges. After you round the north tip of Jewell and the ledge, head SW into the harbor. (NOTE: RN”4” and GC”3” are not entrance buoys for the harbor. They mark the channel between Cliff and Little Jewell. Entering the harbor, keep RN”4” well to starboard.) The anchorage is indicated in the chartlet in Figure 4 below.

Figure 4. Jewell Island

Use tide tables for Portland. Mean tidal range is about 9.1 feet.

Once again we'll gather aboard one of the boats for evening snacks, cocktails and another potluck. So don't forget to bring your favorite snacks, "dish" and beverages.

Friday, 8/18—Falmouth Foreside – 10 nm

Friday morning we'll leave lovely Jewell Island and sail to Falmouth Foreside, home of the Portland Yacht Club and Handy Boat Services. Remember the Cape Dory Handy Cat 14? Well, Handy Boat now builds this little gem and if we’re lucky maybe we’ll spot one or two.

The approaches are well-marked and once in the mooring area watch for the hazards – a few marked ledges, but they’re hidden among the moored boats: Prince Point Ledge which is marked by GC”15” and will be on your port side if we enter the harbor from the south; York Ledge which is marked by small green beacon “YL” and GC”17”; and Underwood Ledge which is marked by GC”19” and will be to starboard if we enter the harbor from the north.

Figure 5. Falmouth Foreside

Look for the big complex of buildings on the south side of the harbor, in particular a large gabled building, those are the buildings of Handy Boat Services. This area is indicated on the chartlet in Figure 5 above. Be sure to call ahead of time to reserve your mooring (Handy Boat Service, VHF Ch. 9, 207-781-5110). Moorings are $30 per night.

Let's try to get everyone ashore and share a final dinner together at the Falmouth Sea Grill right there at Handy Boat.

Thank you very much for sailing with us and I hope you enjoyed this little bit of Maine.


Entry Fees (per boat):

Non-CDSOA Members: $5.00 (pay at the event)

Please register online by July 20th!

Questions regarding this event? Please contact Event Organizer Catherine Monaghan at c_m_monaghan*_NOSPAM_* or call 732-381-3549. (Don't forget to remove "*_NOSPAM_* from e-mail address before clicking on Send!)

All owners of both Cape Dory and Robinhood power and sailboats, CDSOA members and non-members, are welcome to attend.

All captains are responsible for their own navigation and the safety of their vessels and crew.

Use NOAA Charts# 13290, 13292 and 13288.

Please check this page often as we will include more information or changes as they become available.

Web Resources:

Dolphin Chowderhouse & Marina
Handy Boat Services
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