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CDSOA Southbound Flotilla
Tenants Harbor to Plymouth
July 31-August 9, 2004

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Our flotillas are designed for the daysailer who wants to cruise and meet fellow Cape Dory owners but is uncomfortable making long or nighttime passages. So most cruise legs are between 25 and 40 nm but usually around 30 nm providing plenty of sailing and enough time to reach each destination and get settled before dark. The flotillas are also like little rendezvous all by themselves offering lots of opportunities to meet other CDSOA members and Cape Dory owners and to see the faces behind the names on the CD Board.

Boats are welcome to join the fleet anywhere along its route and to stay with it for as long as they like even if just for a day. If you can only meet us at one destination, great, we'd love to see you.

We try to anchor whenever possible rather than using yacht clubs or marinas in order to keep things affordable but most of the anchorages have marine facilities nearby if you want or need to use them. We don't often venture ashore, preferring to let the crews raft, or at least visit, mingle and chat aboard their boats but we may go ashore and get together for a meal or two along the way depending on the whims of the participants.

There are a couple of extra days built into the schedule in anticipation of bad weather so we should still be able to get to Plymouth on time for the rendezvous since the activities don't begin until Tuesday, August 10th.

Fleet communications will be on VHF Ch. 16 and 68.

Saturday, 7/31--Long Cove, Tenants Harbor, ME


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Figure 1. Long Cove, Tenants Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Chart# 13302.

Plan on meeting in Long Cove at Tenants Harbor in the afternoon on Saturday, July 31st.

The entrance to Tenants Harbor is approximately 12.4 nm north-northeast of Monhegan Island and 16 nm west-southwest of Vinalhaven in Penobscot Bay. The anchorage is broad, shallow, tranquil and easily entered between RN “2” west of Northern Island and the ledge that juts out from the mainland. Stay close to the nun as you enter.

If conditions permit, let's form a raft-up. And once settled, we'll get together on one boat or the raft for snacks, cocktails and dinner. Bring one or two snack items to share with the rest of the group and the fixin's for your favorite beverage. Then it's potluck for dinner. No, we don't throw everything into one pot and whatever comes out is dinner (unless you want to). But whatever you bring it’s what we'll have.

Sunday, 8/1--Boothbay Harbor, ME – 26.5 nm

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Figure 2. Charles Island, Milford, CT
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 12370.

From Asharoken Beach our next stop is another pretty but exposed anchorage -- Charles Island.

If the weather is unsettled or the wind is out of the east, we'll head up the river to Milford Landing Marina (203-874-1610, VHF Ch. 9, dockage $2.50 per foot). Otherwise will be meeting in the afternoon on Sunday, August 1st and forming a raft-up, if possible, in the anchorage north of Charles Island (click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 2 above, for details) in The Gulf, Milford, CT in 10-15' of water with a hard sand bottom - softer near shore. Mean tidal range is 6.6 feet.

GC "1" at Charles Island is approximately 26.5 nm from our previous destination of Asharoken Beach on Northport Bay, approximately 5 nm NE of Stratford point and about 6.5 nm W of the channel entrance between the New Haven Harbor breakwaters.

Be careful of the shoals to the east and south of Charles Island between R"16" Bell Fl R 4s and GC "1".

CAUTION: At high tide you may see local boaters cutting across "The Bar" which connects Charles Island to Silver Sands State Park on the mainland. DO NOT CROSS THE BAR. Enter The Gulf between GC "1" (Charles Island) and RN "2' (Welches Point).

Monday, 8/2 --Clinton, CT – 25.3 nm

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Figure 4. Clinton, CT
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 12374.

Our next destination is Clinton, CT. We will be meeting in the afternoon on Monday, August 2nd at Cedar Island Marina (860-669-8681, ext. 15, VHF Channels 9/68, dockage is $2.80 per foot), Clinton, CT. (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 4 above, for details.)

Please contact Cedar Island Marina ASAP to reserve a slip.

Mean tidal range is 4.5 feet.

G"3" Fl G 4s, Wheeler Rock, the entrance to Clinton Harbor, is approximately 25.3 nm E of our previous destination of Charles Island at Milford, approximately 3.8 nm W of the entrance to Westbrook Harbor and 6.2 nm E of the approach to Guilford Harbor at Half Acre Rock. Mattituck Inlet on Long Island is 14.8 nm to the SSW.

CAUTION: The entire area around Hammonasset Point develops a nasty chop from tide rips.

Here we'll have a chance to top off our fuel and water tanks, get our holding tanks pumped out, and luxuriate in the shower. There's also a nice restaurant at the marina if your crews are tired of hotdogs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Tuesday, 8/3--West Harbor, Fishers Island, CT – 26 nm

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Figure 5. West Harbor, Fishers Island
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13214, 12372 and 13205.

Next we'll drop our hooks outside the mooring field in West Harbor on the northwestern shore of Fishers Island. Fl R 4s R"6" marking the entrance channel at Hawks Nest Point is approximately 3.9 nm from New London Ledge Light, 2.8 nm from QG 22ft 8M "5" Morgan Point in Noank and 26 nm east of Clinton, CT. (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 5 above, for details.)

West Harbor is the best anchorage at Fishers Island. The bottom is a composite of grass, gravel and mud. Mean tidal range is 2.3 feet. Be mindful of Lewis Rock, marked by GC"7".

If the weather is out of the north or strong from the west we'll use the anchorage south of Mason Island between Mason Point and Enders Island or we'll anchor just south of the mooring field on the east side of Mason Island approximately 3.5 nm northeast of West Harbor. (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 6 below, for details.)

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Figure 6. Mason Island, Mystic Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13214, 12372 and 13205.

Wednesday, 8/4--Dutch Harbor, RI – 35 nm

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Figure 7. Dutch Harbor, Jamestown, RI
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13221 and 13223.

We'll depart West Harbor as early in the morning as possible (there may be fog) and contine sailing eastward north of Fishers Island and head for Watch Hill Passage.

We will be meeting in the late afternoon on Wednesday, August 4th and forming a raft-up in Dutch Harbor, Jamestown, RI on the western side of Conanicut Island in "general anchorage K" north of the mooring field in the bight north of Beaverhead, 35 nm from West Harbor on Fishers Island, 12.5 nm WNW of Third Beach on the Sakonnet River, 10.5 nm from Newport, and 13.7 nm from Point Judith. (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 7 above, for details.) Mean tidal range is 3.5 feet.

Stay about 300 yards offshore of Beaverhead, keeping RN "2" to the south. Beaverhead is a restricted conservation area.

Thursday, 8/5--Cuttyhunk, MA – 30 nm

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Figure 8. Cuttyhunk Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13229, 13230 and 13218.

From Dutch Harbor it should be a lively sail to Cuttyhunk, the southwesternmost of the Elizabeth Islands.

We will be meeting in the afternoon on Thursday, August 5th in Cuttyhunk Harbor, between Cuttyhunk Island, MA and Canapitsit Channel in the area outside the Frog Pond Marine Moorings between R"6" Bell and GC"5". (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 8 above, for details.) But you may want to call in advance for a mooring.

Moorings are available in the Harbor from Frog Pond Marine Moorings (508-992-7530, VHF Ch. 72) and Jenkins Moorings (508-996-9294, VHF Ch. 9). Both of these mooring fields are located in Cuttyhunk Harbor northeast of the island. If you'd rather seek shelter in protected Cuttyhunk Pond, moorings are available from the Town Wharf/Cuttyhunk Marina (508-990-7578, VHF Ch. 9/10).

Cuttyhunk is the southernmost island in the Elizabeth Islands chain. The Harbor lies between Cuttyhunk and Nashawena Island to the east. To the west of the harbor there's a narrow dredged channel that leads to the deep water basin of Cuttyhunk Pond. Cuttyhunk Harbor is approximately 3.5 nm from Quicks Hole, 6 nm across Buzzards Bay from New Bedford, 7.5 nm from Menemsha Bight on Martha's Vineyard and aproximately 30 nm from our previous destination, Dutch Harbor, RI..

From the north it is best to approach Cuttyhunk from the east. Steer toward Mo(A) Bell RW "CH", SE of Penikese Island, then cut between RN "2E" and GC "1E" into the harbor. From the east or south via Vineyard Sound, head into Buzzards Bay via Quicks Hole between Nashawena and Pasque Islands.

DO NOT use Canapitsit Channel, which separates Cuttyhunk from Nashawena Island, without local knowledge. The channel is narrow, rocky and subject to stong currents making the passage dangerous.

Mean tidal range is 3.4 feet.

Friday, 8/6--Mattapoisett, MA – 17 nm

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Figure 9. Mattapoisett Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13230 and 13218.

From Cuttyhunk we'll sail up into Buzzards Bay and stop at Mattapoisett. (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 9 above, for details.) Here we'll have another chance to top off our water and fuel tanks, get pumped out, and go ashore. If the prevailing southwesterlies live up to their reputation, we'll make short work of it. Mattapoisett Harbor is a beautiful port. It's about 17 nm from Cuttyhunk, 11 nm from New Bedford and 8 nm from Woods Hole Passage.

Make sure to stay 1 nm offshore to pass south of BELL R "2SE" off West Island in Buzzards Bay, then head northeast for Fl G 4s BELL G "13" at Nye Ledge being sure to stay south of Cormorant Rock. After passing Nye Ledge turn northwest and follow the buoys into the harbor. Mean tidal range is 3.9 feet.

Anchor in Molly's Cove or moorings are available from Mattapoisett Boatyard (508-758-3812, VHF Ch. 68) and Brownell Boat Yard (508-758-3671, VHF Ch. 9).

If you need to reprovision, the Tedeshi Market (Rte. 6 between Pearl and Barstow streets) carries basic grocery items, and the Village Package store is nearby. Shipyard Galley on Water Street has a selection of baked goods as well as as soup and sandwiches and around the corner from Mattapoisett Boatyard you'll find Porky's Quality Meats.

Saturday and Sunday, 8/7 and 8/8--Aucoot Cove, MA – 5.5 nm

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Figure 10. Mattapoisett Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13230 and 13218.

Aucoot Cove is just a short hop and a skip from Mattapoisett Harbor. (Click on the chart thumbnail, Figure 10 above, for details.) Here we'll meet up with the boats participating in the Buzzards Bay Float-in so we'll spend the next two days visiting with the other crews and getting ready for our trip through the Cape Cod Canal on Monday. If the weather is unsettled we'll stay in Mattapoisett Harbor.


Monday, 8/9--Plymouth, MA – 32 nm

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Figure 11. Plymouth Harbor
Not to be used for navigation. Use NOAA Charts# 13253 and 13246.

The predicted time for the current to turn east (flood) on the Cape Cod Canal is 11:02 a.m. Monday morning. Plan on departing the anchorage in Aucoot Cove at 9:30 a.m. This should give us a fair tide through the canal and an arrival time in Plymouth at around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m.

At Plymouth the flotilla arrives at its final destination and meets up with the other boats participating in Cape Dory Rendezvous 2004 (click here for rendezvous details) at the Plymouth Yacht Club.

2004 Tide and Current Predictions: Cape Cod Bay, Cape Cod Canal, Bournedale



Register Online NOW by completing this form.

All owners of both Cape Dory power and sailboats, CDSOA members and non-members, are welcome to attend.

All captains are responsible for their own navigation and the safety of their vessels and crew.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Cruise Captain Catherine Monaghan, 732-381-3549 or at After July 20th, please call 732-319-0255 (cell).

Please check this page often as we will include more information as it becomes available.

  Please see the "Events" page for the current Northeast Fleet Rendezvous agenda.
  For information on becoming part of the Northeast Fleet see the "Fleet Information." 

This page was last revised: 11 July 2004

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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